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Texts from Young Justice

Texts from "Texts from Last Night" mashed with screenshots of Young Justice. New pictures posted every other day (At least).

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Are you okay? Why aren't you updating?

I’m really super sorry that I haven’t updated. I have been crazy busy with nursing school. They’ve piled on the homework like crazy and I don’t have a lot of free time. 

I have every means to make more TFYJ when I have the time, hopefully a buttload so that I can queue them up and then get back to studying, lol. Thank you for asking though.

<3 Veg

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Hey everyone!

I’m really sorry I haven’t posted any new TFYJ. Please know I by no means have forgotten this blog. Nursing school has started up again and they’re pouring on the workload fast. I hope to have some new posts up in the next few days, but I’m sorry to say that school comes first. 

Posting Soon!


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